No Job is Too Small

With no job too small and no access too complicated. Our team build strong and build to last; we go hard or go home. Call us today!

  • Highly Experienced

    Over the last 15+ years combined experience, we have worked in partnership with engineers, architects and builders on a range of projects across the Sydney area.

  • Difficult Locations a Specialty

    We can access where most machinery can not. Our process is highly efficient and minimises risk to surrounding structures with no vibration or noise


Hand Piling

Hand piling 300m to 600mm diameter to 14 meter, eg. Underground garages, basements or swimming pools.

Capping beam

The Capping beam is a steel and concrete beam that ties all the piling together.

Residential & Commercial

We understand the specific needs associated with the commercial and residential projects.

We Are Experienced Hand Pilers

Strong Arm Civil have a combined 15+ years of experience in Hand Piling, Contiguous Pilin, Shoring and Construction. Our professional team work together to find the best solutions for your project.


Years of Experience